I have some of the awesomest friends ever.

When I was a youngster my Mom taught me to share my toys, even the ones that I liked the most. So, in honor of Moms around the world and their faithful upholding of the bedrock principles of human community, I am sharing some of my favorite friends with you.

Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc. |

Arthur Burk is a trailblazer for the trailblazers. Talk about the cutting edge. I have never met a person so full of ideas that no one else is thinking. And not only does he have an abundance of ideas, he knows how to convert them into practical application. Thousands of people have been radically transformed by the new paradigms he has found in Scripture. He’s a visionary, not a dreamer. Time and again he has reframed my perspective of the world in a way that caused healing or growth. He is also a father. He WILL push you to grow. Healing only gets you up to zero. What will you do with what you’ve been given? It’s about unpacking your design and transforming the Kingdom. If this is the kind of journey you are on, then dig in and enjoy. You will never be the same!

Sapphire Art |

Have you ever met someone who does graphics with their spirit? Hanna Scheidegger is one of that rare and beautiful breed. Most people lead their art with their soul. Hanna knows what is right in her spirit and uses her formidable soul skills to make it visible. There is just something different about the work she does – a fourth dimension – invisible but palpable. One of my favorite album covers was done by her. Her office is in Switzerland, but she works with clients around the world.