Copyright Policy

Our teaching materials have been copyrighted, so the basic request is that you do not make copies to distribute to anyone outside of your household. You are permitted to make a “working” copy of an album if you so desire, but it is for your personal use only. If you wish to lend a copy to someone outside of your household, please give them the original.

We understand that Christian ministries have different approaches to this topic and there are those who produce their teachings with no copyrights at all. We have chosen our approach for two reasons. One is that we are actually a business. As such, we endeavor to run our business according to best practices. The goal is not to hoard the truths God has given us but to treat them wisely and with integrity so that the fruit of our labors can be sown back into the Kingdom. The second reason is to encourage people to investigate the available resources for themselves and invest in their growth process.

That being said, one of the reasons that we operate as a business instead of a non-profit is so that we can be self-sustaining and have resources available to invest in people’s lives for free. We do not charge for our time and as we continue to grow, there will be more and more free materials such as articles, audio clips and videos available on our site.