The Importance of Beginnings

The thing was baffling. My friend was an implementer. I had no doubt of that. We had worked together before, and she did what needed to be done. So, I could trust her statement that she had done as much as she knew how (three times over!) in order to secure freedom.

But to no avail. And we both knew that the health problems staring us in the face were part and parcel of the bigger picture. We really needed some new piece of understanding.

It seemed that it was God’s timing for exactly that, which was a tremendous relief since we were clearly bound for nowhere on our own!

He gave us a picture. It was a birth certificate. Clearly printed on it was my friend’s name. It was a normal looking smallish card, like you would expect to see. Only it was mysteriously incomplete. There was no date or time.

It was as if my friend’s entry into the world was undocumented, like she caught her mother and doctors by surprise when she suddenly appeared as a 6 month old. She was clearly alive, therefore existing in time as we all do, but it seemed God was showing us that the time of beginning was undefined.

What did this mean?

As we explored the picture, God made it clear that He was pointing out a peculiarity of her timeline. There was no spiritual marker in time to show the beginning of her life, no retaining wall in the spiritual realm to separate her life from her ancestors past. Suddenly it made a lot of sense that things she had worked on and been delivered from were coming back to haunt her.

Her birth experience was not an idyllic one. There was difficulty in the family and trauma related to her parents and the status of the family as a whole. It certainly fit that the emotional and spiritual discord would have a negative effect on the natural “imprint” of time that should have occurred there.

Let’s explore a bit more of what I mean by “imprint.” First I’ll put it in the context of what we already understand. We know the language of emotional milestones and monuments, building up a point in our lives by investing emotional and spiritual energy into preserving it. In a literal sense, this was a regular Biblical practice. Stone monuments were built to commemorate victories, encounters with God, and other events of import. When we make this kind of investment in the timeline, we create an interesting by-product of “before” and “after.” There is a life before that experience and there is life after it. Remembrance of the monument sends us naturally into reflection and comparison. Sometimes those monuments are a source of strength to keep us marching resolutely into the future.

We already know that birth is an important event, and is far too frequently traumatic, celebrated for the wrong reasons, or sadly unappreciated. Our assumption is that God’s original design is for a spiritual imprint to be made at birth, bearing the statement: “This is when Sally’s life began.” Clearly everything before it would be her pre-history, and everything after it would be her life.

As we found with my friend, this dynamic can have significant implications. Our original fact finding mission was to learn why certain events kept occurring when she had hacked and wacked, renounced and proclaimed herself blue in the face. Time was acting like a boomerang for her, and since she didn’t have a place where life clearly began, there was no certain dividing line from the things that were. Only God can be wholly timeless.

We found some interesting additional effects of our prayers. Very quickly thereafter she became emotionally settled with her place in her family at a level not previously experienced. She found herself relaxing about time in a literal sense; she had always been hypersensitive, as if her spirit had no certainty of “when.” And finally, and perhaps most beautifully, she felt the hard drive of her internal self finally stop spinning in search of something it could not find. There was peace.

And incidentally, the immediate issues we were pursuing were also resolved. Time will tell for some of the others.

Since that initial experiment, we have applied the principles to other individuals and situations. Think of the beginning of a marriage. What if it was not birthed in the context of life? Or an organization? Or a city, or a nation? Anywhere you find people you can make application of this concept.

Our prayers have so far been simple. Broadly speaking, we understand that through the celebration of birth in the context of life there is a spiritual imprint made on our time. When there is an absence of life we are proposing that this marker may not be made at all, may be partial or damaged, or may even have some opposite effect of its original purpose. With that in mind, we ask God to go back in time to our birth. Using the basic guideline of the cleansing process, we begin with repentance. We may need to repent on behalf of our parents, our grandparents, even ancestors farther back, or persons outside of our family. You may wish to cover any beliefs or vows you formed in later years regarding your birth. Once the issues of sin have been brought to the front, we ask for the cleansing of the Blood, and proclaim the goodness of God’s original design. Regardless of the human reality surrounding our birth, we can trust with utmost confidence that God’s perspective was favorable to our existence. He wanted us to be born, He had planned for it since the foundation of the earth, and He knew all the particulars before we were anything more than a single cell. Given the reality of celebration in heaven, we ask that He would retroactively establish in the spiritual realm the marker on our timeline that should have been present. He knows the exact “when” so leave Him that freedom and do not limit Him to the recorded date of man’s perception.

Once you have asked for the marker to be placed where it belongs, you may wish to amend all the deliverance and inner healing you’ve done by stating that all the defilement of the past must go behind the retaining wall and stay there. You may also wish to ask the Father to cause this change to the past to now be reflected in the present, as if it had always been that way. There may be other things He leads you to pray, and I strongly urge you to go into this process with an open ear for His direction. This is a very new idea. The main point is to ask Him to establish that marker at your birth and cause your time to have a beginning point, an anchor, a definition in the flow of human history. How you present that idea to Him and what you may dispose of or ask for along the way is up to His individual purposes for you.

For some people we have asked if heaven would celebrate the birth, since no-one else had, and if Father would allow the person to see and feel what He and heaven feels about it. That was a fun one. For others it is much more about anchoring the beginning point of their time and they feel a huge sense of relief and peace when it has been done.

So, I offer this to you as an embryonic idea, but one that I feel has significant implications. If you know of someone for whom this might apply, give the principles a go and see what happens. I would be grateful for any feedback regarding new insights on the concept or process, and of course, any glory stories you care to share.


Megan Caldecourt

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