Ignited Spirits

I stared at my friend in disbelief.

“She really did set the kitchen on fire, didn’t she?”

Yes, indeed, she had. My friend and her husband indicated the black marks around the cupboards, along with the obvious black streaks over the stove and across the ceiling. And the scorching wasn’t all there was to see. This tenant had left the condo in terrible shape throughout. The carpets were filthy and other repairs and painting had to be done before the place could be rented again. The pitiful appearance of the back yard alone was a sad marker for the lifestyle of the woman they had evicted.

I had come to the condo to help my friends heal the land. In the weeks previous, we had been working together on some of the basics. I instructed her to listen to all of the video clips on the topic and to start practicing at home. She leaned into it with tenacity, and learned a whole lot of new concepts in the process. In the back of our minds we knew that a window was opening with the condo. The tenant was forcing them to do an eviction. We would have a precious few days or weeks between tenants to work on the land without interruption.

The condo had always been troublesome. The previous tenants were hardly wholesome. There was a history of people coming and going that added more brokenness and defilement to a burgeoning heap of rubbish that was defiling the land. I was careful to point out this pattern to them because there is a crucial truth to be understood.

Ultimately, the goal is still to attract broken people. As stewards and world changers, our role is to bring such alignment and life to a place that the Light pours into the rest of the community. Broken people are drawn to the land or to us personally and are changed.

However, for the equation to work, we must begin from a place of wholeness. Defilement will attract brokenness, but it will only make the problems worse. We must attract broken people with righteousness. And when the land is healed and restored, it will be Life that will call the broken and wounded to it, giving God a glorious opportunity to intrude upon their lives.

My friends started practicing at home, blessing the land, developing their discernment and blessing the condo from a distance. From time to time they could visit the land itself and would do what they could. Finally all of the paperwork went through and the lady moved out.

One day when my friend’s husband was onsite and praying about the land, he discerned a demonic entity coming up through the ground. My friend passed this info on to me and we decided it was time for the three of us to do an onsite visit. So, there we were, in the midst of the mess left behind. I was pretty certain there was some kind of portal on the land, but I wasn’t sure what kind. After awhile I became convinced that it was a sound portal and it was in the front bedroom – very close to the spot where the demonic entity had been seen. We plopped down on the very dirty carpet, and I shared a bit more about sound portals and the fact that a defiled sound portal will attract lawlessness – which we could clearly see – and a cleansed sound portal will release dominion. And so we began.

The skeletal process for cleansing the land is fairly simple– acknowledge the legal right of enemy to be there based on human sin, confess and repent, ask for cleansing through the blood of Christ, and validate and bless the inherent design. Within that basic framework you can paint a thousand different pictures, depending on how the Holy Spirit leads. In this particular case, we followed a process dealing specifically with sound portals, since we knew it was a major factor in the defilement. We also knew that the evident lawlessness was just the fruit. A sound portal is defiled by sound. So, based on the Holy Spirit and our discernment, we began to confess things we sensed – anger, jealousy, cruelty, betrayal, were a few. In addition to the specific areas, we asked God to cleanse the portal from defiled sound from the beginning of time. Once we felt solid regarding the confessing and cleansing process, we moved immediately into restoring and validating the original design. This is vital. You do not want to leave the room swept, clean, and waiting for something worse to come take the place of what you just evicted.

The first step was to turn the sound portal to face heavenward. If you imagine a satellite dish, you have a pretty good idea of what a sound portal is like. When defiled, it is pointing downwards, and reflects the sounds of lawlessness and darkness from the underworld. When it is pointed heavenward, it reflects the glory of the star song across the earth. The stars sing continually of the majesty and kingship of Jesus Christ. We validated the original intention of the land and that it was made for this magnificent role. We asked God to turn the dish heavenward again. Then we went on to bless the land itself with the richness and beauty of heavenly sound. We specifically spoke to the land about the sound that created it, the words of God that spoke all of creation into existence, and that this was the kind of sound it was made to broadcast. Finally we asked God to seal our work, and protect it from being reversed.

My, could you feel the difference! All three of us expressed it with our own language, but we all knew that the defilement had lifted and the land was rejoicing. It had been twisted out of shape for far too long, and was fairly leaping for joy to be once again doing what it was made to do.

As we prepared to leave, I told my friends that it was crucial to continually reinforce the work we had done. First, they needed to have some form of righteous sound playing in that room at all times. Second, they needed to invite the songbirds. In a general sense, the presence or absence of songbirds says a lot about the spiritual dynamics of land. For most of us, there is something quite unsettling about an utterly quiet piece of land. As there should be! Birds are quite spiritually sensitive, and the absence of them often means that something isn’t right. This is particularly true with sound portals. A defiled sound portal will repel the birds. A cleansed sound portal will attract them. Their song has a healing effect on the land, and has even been scientifically proven to affect the vitality of plants and trees.

I also told them they needed to invest in the small patch of withered land in the back and nurse it back to life. And lastly, not to let up on blessing the land every which way they felt led.

All of which they did with joy and determination.

The results have been like night and day.

I have not yet been back, but the reports I have heard are stunning. The bird feeders are empty every time they go. The back yard plot is bursting into life. The grass is growing and is lush. The plants and bushes are reviving beautifully. To top it off, the new tenant who is moving in this week is a Christian, a solid, stable person who is already open to the idea of blessing the land. This is someone my friend can teach a lot of new tools!

But this is not the end of the story!

The difference in the condo is startlingly clear. The defilement attracted broken people and broke them more. The righteous manifestation of the land attracted a stable person who can potentially invest more in the land, and will certainly receive from its resources. But as I mentioned before, the goal, the big payoff is when broken people come and are healed. That’s when we are walking out our design as stewards of God’s creation and our role to change the world around us.

I imagine we won’t see any more scorched kitchens, but I so look forward to the day when I hear about the ignited spirits!


Megan Caldecourt

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