Earth Gates & Motion

The other day I had one of those slap your hand on your forehead and say “well, duh!” moments. While often inspiring, these moments can sometimes be as painful as they are revelatory. This is especially true if the intensity of your “why didn’t I think of that before?” reaction causes you to hit your head hard enough to give yourself a headache.

I was talking with a friend and fellow land detective about earth gates. This is someone with considerable experience in the way of land cleansing, someone for whom I have great respect, so I was enjoying the opportunity to learn from their stories. The particular scenario we were discussing was one in which they were working with a piece of undeveloped property with an earth gate and were considering how they could be intentional about using the flow of motion for logistical and transportation related uses.

Whoa. Let’s back up here a minute. Using the flow of motion? Intentional about logistics, transportation, or anything else related to movement? Wait. What??

You see, up until just a few days ago, my perspective was that earth gates were primarily a gateway for us to steward. We understood that they were an opening into the spiritual realm, and that a network of ley lines were generally attached to each earth gate. Our role was to cleanse the gate, to block off the demonic intrusion from below, and to invite the angelic to enter and travel along the ley lines to bring the presence of God to anything the ley line crossed. I did not think of the earth gates as releasing a particular kind of treasure to us in the same way as the sound and fragrance portals. In my mind, the earth gates were more of a stewarding of an access point than they were something from which we could receive resources for the Kingdom.

Apparently I was wrong. And happy to be so!

It makes total sense. In fact, what really got me was that I had correctly observed this motion component in earth gates I had worked on and had not realized that it was something that could be intentionally leveraged. In the midst of the conversation I was having with my friend, my mind was racing through all these examples ... well, of course!

Let’s step back a minute and look at all three of the portals: sound, fragrance, and earth gates. We clearly (at least at the moment!) understand that sound portals are about dominion, fragrance about revelation, and now earth gates about motion. Sound portals are tightly connected with sound itself - receiving from the stars, clarifying sound, defiling (if the portal is defiled), or sanctifying it. Fragrance portals have a well documented connection to smell - releasing fragrances or stenches, depending on their condition. They were made to release the fragrance of heaven through the revelation.

So, what about the earth gates? In the spiritual realm, we already know that they are about motion. Spiritual entities, good or bad, come through the earth gates to enter this dimension. The gate is like a hub, or the entrance and exit ramps on a freeway. The ley lines are the freeways themselves. In Psalms it talks about the ancient gates, and there you see a picture of the portal through which the King will enter.

The gift or the resource the earth gates give in the tangible realm is related to motion. Motion can be sanctified, multiplied, expanded, aligned, or super charged. Many times you will literally see transportation or motion related activities happening on an earth gate - such as railway hubs, centers for automobile manufacturing, amusement parks, international ports, and things of that nature. Whether they understand it or not, people are drawn to the spiritually magnified dynamics. Earth gates can even become a place where people or ideas will be birthed and transported out into the region or nation. The concept of motion can apply in the physical, spiritual, or emotional realms.

There is another piece. With the other two portals we have linked a type of individual anointing that bears a similar name. We have observed that some people have what we call a sound anointing and others a fragrance anointing. These are divine gifts given as part of a person’s birthright. They expand beyond the application of portals, but we have found that people with a sound anointing generally have an advantage in authority (when it is developed and combined with earned authority) over the corresponding portal, and likewise with the fragrance anointing. So, one would theorize that the same is true with a motion anointing! I have not observed this dynamic personally - since the penny only dropped a few days ago - but I am willing to wager that the logic holds. I strongly suspect that people with a motion anointing have an edge when it comes to earth gates.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, it means that if you have an earth gate, you can think beyond the simple “gatekeeping” function of asking God to seal out the demons and invite in the angels. The earth gate you are sitting on has some unique resources of its own to offer the Kingdom. How can you leverage them? How can you incorporate the spiritual boost to motion in that area? Is there something you can do to increase or sanctify transportation or logistics? If you have a ministry, what if you were to bring people to that piece of land to send them off to their next assignment? Or if you were to pray in the earth gate for concepts God has given to be sent out through your city or nation? How can you partner with the King to use the resources of motion to best benefit the Kingdom?

This is an exciting and celebratory insight! I am thrilled to add it to my tool kit, and to rejoice over the immensity of God’s original design and His fingerprints on the land.

If you have listened to my “Portals” teaching in the past, please add this piece to your tool kit. If you have not listened to it before, but are interested in learning more about these portals, you may go to the store page by clicking here.

Onward and forward!


Megan Caldecourt

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