Who Am I?

I am an eager adventurer standing on the threshold between two worlds.

I have an ache and a hunger that will not go away. On the other side of the door is a path that will take me places my mind cannot imagine. It’s a world full of wild promises of encounters with the Creator of the universe. I have no way of knowing what it will do to my life, I only know that I must go. The sweet and terrible mystery of the True and Living God fills my spirit and drives me forward with a relentless hand.

What are the things He is aching to show me that I have never seen? What will I discover about His nature when He breaks my small paradigms and sends my mind reeling? What will happen when my Creator awakens my spirit and imagination to the mysterious wonders of His realms?

I know there are risks. I have no assurances that it will be safe. The familiar smell of home is a comfort and I love the world that I know. But still the door beckons. A safe, comfortable, small life is not what I was made to live. I was made to know and serve and worship a BIG God, a Creator of worlds and dimensions and complexity far beyond my comprehension.

Does your heart ache for the immensity of God? Do you long to see what lies on the other side of the door? The only guarantee we have is that our spirits and minds will grow with awe and worship of our great God and our Lord Jesus Christ. But what a promise! If this is your heart’s cry, there is room on the path for you.

Welcome, fellow Adventurer.

Megan Caldecourt
May 2016