Time Traveling God

I love the topic of time travel. It presents some deliciously sticky problems for the human mind to gnaw on. One of the most difficult is the problem of our effect on the past. If I jump into a time machine and go back 50 years, I am going to have some kind of effect on what is happening then. What I can’t possibly predict is what effect my actions “then” will have on the “now” that I left. I could come back to the present and discover that it has completely changed. Maybe I don’t even exist anymore!

There are all kinds of theories and ideas of how the complex interconnected web of time and space really works. There are even more movies and books on the topic. But at the end of the day we are seriously out of our league when it comes to tampering with the flow of time. Whether I believe time is a straight line, an arrow, a circle, a mass of floating dots or simply a force, I am incapable of really comprehending what that means, let alone building a time machine that travels time without leaving a chaotic mess in its wake. I can only wonder.

But God can do. And does. I’ve seen Him do it over and over again and I still marvel at it.

Think about every time you have asked God to deal with generational sin. You have a great-great somebody or other who was a bad boy and you would like the iniquitous root removed from your family line. God goes back into the past and deals with the actions of people who have long since died. We can’t do that! Not a single one of us has the power to affect the past in that way.

It gets even better. The changes God creates are not just spiritual or emotional. Sometimes it is easier to accept the mystery when the effect is invisible. After all, we have limited time traveling ability within our own minds. We can “undo” the effects of past traumas and change our emotional worldview. But I have seen and experienced material changes as a result of God time traveling. How does He do that? Let’s go back to the human problem of time travel. We can’t solve the issue of knowing what in the past is safe to change. We understand that there is a delicate web of cause and effect relationships between the past and the future. Disturbing that web – altering even one little piece – could set off a whole different chain of events. We all know the power of the “chance” meetings and near misses. What if our showing up disrupted the one where our parents were supposed to meet? We have no way of knowing. But God does!

So, let’s look at some examples. Say that I had a financial curse from the past that was devouring all my money through breakdown of equipment. I ask God to deal with the ancestral sin and suddenly nothing is breaking down anymore. How did God change the past enough to remove the effects of the curse without disrupting the web of time?

Or let’s say that I inherited a family business from my great-grandfather who was a Freemason. He built the business on Freemasonry. He passed it down to my grandfather and father who were also Freemasons. Recently the business has been declining and I decide to address this iniquitous root at the origin. I essentially ask God to go back and remove all those underpinnings of the business; underpinnings that affected decisions that were made along the way. Does the business go "poof" into thin air? No! Not only is it there when I go to work the next morning, but sales start to pick up immediately. Material change without collateral damage!

I’ve prayed with people who have seen huge changes in their bodies, relationships and interactions with the world as a result of God time traveling to the past and changing it. The web of interconnected forces and elements that compose time is not any less complex for Him than it is for us. But somehow He knows what to change and can do so with surgical precision. No collateral damage to our lives, relationships, or place in the world.

A mystery to me, but not to God!