Kingdom Investment


As I synchronize with the King’s agenda, I generally have a variety of projects in motion.  There are some key truths that I feel the Lord has given me to unpack.  One of them has to do with time, another with structures, and a third with land and nature.  As I continue to grow and experiment in ministry and application, I will share these truths with the Body of Christ. 

In the process of this development there are a lot of things that I do at no charge or investments that I make in order to pursue revelation from God.  Your gifts of prayer and funds are immensely appreciated in these pursuits.

Periodically I will send out a thank you note to share specifics on how your gifts have impacted my work.

You may enter the quantity above for the amount you wish to give.

Please note:  Beyond the Horizon is a for profit business, so there are no tax deductions for your gifts.     

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Kingdom Investment

Kingdom Investment

I deeply appreciate your gifts of all kinds to us as an investment in the Kingdom of God.  Whether you wish to give funds, prayers, encouragement, ideas or glory stories, I gratefully receive and pray that you will be abundantly blessed in your giving. 

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